Stolen: A Letter to My Captor - Lucy Christopher Any review that I write for this book won’t be able to do it justice. It’s so hard to put into words the wide range of emotions that I felt while reading this and how deeply this book affected me without giving too much away, but here goes nothing.

Stolen is definitely one of the best books that I have ever read. The characters are incredibly real and complex, to the point where you too are experiencing Stockholm Syndrome. The Australian Outback, where much of Stolen takes place, is more than just a setting – it’s beautiful yet dangerous, harsh yet loving, and is truly a character in its own right.

The writing is beautiful and evocative, and will simultaneously break your heart and give you hope. In the end, you’ll find yourself wondering how we can truly judge what is right and wrong, especially when it comes to the actions of others. After all, “it’s hard to hate someone once you understand them.”

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