All Our Yesterdays

All Our Yesterdays - Cristin Terrill Actual Rating: 4.5 stars

If the government had the ability to travel in time, what would our society look like? Would international crises be averted or would the world quickly fall into a totalitarian regime? All Our Yesterdays takes the latter standpoint, and creates a scarily realistic picture of how time travel is not just neat - it's a threat to all of us. The mechanics of how this type of time travel would work and all of its associated paradoxes were so well explained that I found myself wondering if such a thing could actually happen.

The characters were so beautifully written and complex, and all had such distinct voices which is impressive, given some of their relationships to one another . I admired Em's resilience, Finn's uncanny ability to make anyone smile even in the darkest of times, James' determination to do the right thing... even Marina, who first appeared shallow and allowed a boy to define her actions, managed to grow on me. The relationships between the characters are so artfully manipulated throughout the course of the story that all of the character development that occurred was more than plausible given the circumstances. While some of the growth was subtle, much of the character development was tied into a simple, but important, question: how similar is the person you are now to the person you will become?

Overall, All Our Yesterdays was an amazing debut. Although it functions well as a stand-alone, I look forward to more adventures in time with these characters.

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